The Worship of God is a major part of Sunday activities at South Main Baptist Church. The music is selected to lead  us to worship. The congregational singing gives the worshiper an opportunity to express, in song, an awe of the living God. The special music is focused on leading those in attendance to focus on God. Our pastor's sermons come from God's Word. His conviction is that preaching is only real preaching as it takes a passage from the Holy Bible, is read, explained and applied to life. The majority of the time our pastor preaches in series - it may be through a book in the Bible; following a certain theme or doctrine but his sermons are always from the Bible. The sermons delivered by our pastor are to challenge us, to inspire us, to motivate us and to call the lost to come to Jesus Christ for salvation and the saved to come to God in total surrender. Believing that Jesus died for every human on the face of the earth every message by our pastor has an evangelistic flavor as well as a challenge for the believer. It is our desire that when a person leaves from a worship service at South Main Baptist Church that person can truthfully say, "it is good to be in the House of the Lord."

  October 2020  
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