Bible Study through Sunday School

     Sunay School is a good title for what happens at South Main each Sunday. However, a more complete title is BIBLE STUDY through SUNDAY SCHOOL. This really pictures the focus for our church family and guests each Sunday. Meeting in smaller groups affords the opportunity for effective Bible study. Following a systematic study of God's Word, using LifeWay material as the guide, those who attend learn God's Word as well as the application of God's Word. The Bible is more than just an ancient book. It is not a relic from the past. The Bible is God's Word for the past, the future and most assuredly for the present. In addition to a study of God's Word, Sunday school also gives the opporutnity for real fellowship. This is a time of sharing together! Sunday school gives us the opportunity to experience an understanding of God's way to salvation, the forgiveness of sin. This ministry reaches out to persons of every age and helps persons grow in an understanding of God's word. You are invited to come and discover the joy of being involoved in Bible Study through Sunday School at South Main Baptist Church.

  October 2020  
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