Audio/Video Ministry

     To make worship times as meaningful as possible our church relies on volunteers in additon to our paid staff members. Many changes have come about in the past few years and high tech equipment has become a part of many church worship services. South Main Baptist Church is fortunate to have gifted persons to help with this part of the ministry of our church.

     We are thankful that God has provided Stephanie Copes and  Susan Pennington to help with the video part of our services. These ladies are responsible for the operation of our video equipment that helps to make our services come to life. They are volunteers and spend much time getting ready for the Sunday worship services.

      Shane Copes and Craig Pennington have been faithful audio persons. Their work and ability helps to make the services go off smoothly. Among their duties is controlling the volume of our microphones; playing the music tapes and DVDs that we use from time to time and all other audio related issues.

     Through both the video and audio areas of our ministries The South Main Experience becomes a reality!

  October 2020  
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